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It’s True! Jennifer’s Love is with Jamie!

When Jamie Kennedy made his radio announcement that he was knockin boots with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I thought he was being funny and teasing the media about the crazy rumors that are constantly made up. Normally, I wouldn’t think so but Hewitt just broke it off with her fiance Ross McCall over the Christmas holidays and while it’s […]

Another Celebrity Mom tries to Make Rich

Celebrity families sure don’t operate as normal families do. Not only must you worry about every little thing you do ending up in a tell-all book but grandparents also don’t worry about spending time with their grandkids going to the park or baking cookies. Rather, that’s not what they’ll miss should they lose out on […]

Your Daily Madge

I think Madonna thinks that it’s the 1980s and that she’s a 20-something pop star that needs to be constantly making headlines and stirring up controversy that has people talking. While it was cute at the time, she’s much older now and it’s just not flying with me. Much to my own disappointment, because I once […]

Winehouse is Lost Once Again

Although she has been reported lately to be relatively clean of drugs since her extended vacation down in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse’s latest statements about her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, have some thinking that she may be back on the dope after all. Or maybe it’s just me. She has not been hesitant in the past couple of […]

Because it’s been awhile since we looked at Jen & Violet

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on Jennifer Garner and her older daughter, Violet but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been keeping busy by running back and forth between preschool, art classes, and everything else in that busy little girl’s schedule. This pic was snapped last week as Jen picked up Violet […]

Shocking Reese Behavior

While Reese Witherspoon has had her fair share of headlines regarding her love life, this story isn’t actually one of them. I’m posting it anyways simply because, it’s so shocking to hear about Reese acting in a way that’s anything other than calm, cool, fun, and of course, the ever-doting mother. But even Reese has her days and it […]

Paris Tries to Push her Weight Around

Paris Hilton has once again demanded that things work out exactly as she states that they should but this time unfortunately, her commands were not met with kindness and people have ended up getting hurt because of it. Paris was out having a great time boozin and cruisin with her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, when Paris wanted different music to […]

One More Reason to Hate Mayer

It was just reported not even a week ago that Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer over his constant Twittering and playing with his status updates. This, while never confirmed by any camp, was very easy to believe, since Mayer’s Twitter updates made headlines on an hourly basis (god only knows why, they were always so stupid.) […]

Madonna’s Problems in Love and Adoption

It’s not easy being Madonna. First Guy Ritchie doesn’t let you bat him around with that fly swatter and then you realize that the 22-year-old that you’re dating just isn’t as mature as you thought he was. Huh. Yes, Madonna has broken it off with the man who could be her son, Jesus Luz because she wouldn’t meet him […]

I Can’t Believe They’re Both So Dumb!

Just a few days ago, it was reported that Doug Reinhardt was ready to take things to the next level with his new sweetie-pie, Paris and that he was going to ask her to marry him. When I say ‘new’ sweetie-pie, I mean new. Like, they’ve been dating for two months new. Mostly because of this fact, I […]

We Know Who But not When

Jennifer Hudson is engaged to David Otunga, who if you know him at all, it’s probably from his reality TV show, I Love New York 2. I had never heard of him before today and I certainly didn’t know that Jennifer Hudson was engaged to him – or to anyone for that fact! But the two are definitely engaged […]

Natasha Richardson’s Organs are Donated

I hate saying that something good comes out of anyone’s death but that’s just what things like organ donation are all about and Natasha Richardson has, not surprisingly to those who knew her, had her organs donated after her tragic death last week. From Daily Blabber, “The wonderful person Natasha Richardson was in this life seems […]

No Wedding Bells for the Southern Belle gluten free pumpkin cake

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly smartened up and realized that this is not the the best pumpkin bars and the 1950s and just because you’ve gone and gotten yourself knocked up, it doesn’t mean that you need to run down the healthy pumpkin desserts and the wedding aisle. She has called off the icing for pumpkin […]

Weird Hookup Alert

Why do I get the feeling that whenever we talk about Katy Perry we’ll be using words like ‘weird’ and ‘awkward’ quite a bit. She’s been hooked up to a few different people recently, Paris Hilton’s ex, Benji Madden being just one of them but now it seems there’s a different singer she’s got her eye on and […]

Is this for Real?

Okay, so Brad and Angelina are having problems? Wait, what? Apparently, this has been going on for some time. Okay, but I thought that they were talking about adopting another small army from a different country. Who knows, it just goes to show how crazy the rumor mil gets sometimes but apparently yes, that’s the story. Brad and […]

David Cook Isn’t Feeling the Love

This story somewhat disappoints me as I am a huge fan of David Cook’s. But maybe his newfound stardom is going to his head a little bit. He first blew off his relationship with girlfriend, Kimberly Caldwell, so that he could be a free man and explore his options and now it seems, he doesn’t even […]

Is This a Violation of Rights or Normal Censorship? cream of roasted red pepper soup recipe

https://holistickenko.com/roasted-red-pepper-soup/ cream of roasted red pepper soup recipe Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor have a movie coming out called I Love You Phillip Morris which features two gay men who both serve time in the tomato and pepper soup and the same prison and fall in love while there. But there’s a problem. The problem is not […]

Lindsay’s Broke and not Making Friends

As usual, Lindsay Lohan is causing all kinds of drama for herself and for everyone around her and it all started with a recent interview that she gave with Nylon magazine. In the interview, she had verbal diarrhea and opened up about being scared about being unemployed, and about how she’ll take her ball and go home […]

I Hate Shams!

Just days after news of LeAnn Rimes’ affair with her movie costar, Eddie Cibrian, broke and in the midst of vicious rumors regarding the sexual orientation of LeAnn’s husband, Dean Sheremet, he and his wife step out (pardon the pun) to make out a little, but not without making sure that the paparazzi was nearby to get it […]

Letterman Becomes a Married Man

During what is supposed to be a ‘surprise’ announcement on his show in just a few hours, David Letterman will announce that last Thursday, he got married to the woman he’s been dating for 22 years, Regina Lasko. There’snothing to say about this story except that it’s very sweet, especially with the ceremony taking place in a […]