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The Latest Lindsay Rumor

Normally, I tend to disbelieve all of the Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson rumors, although they did have me after that big blowout fight on New Year’s Eve. But even though those breakup rumors didn’t turn out to be true, it’s no secret that at least ever since then, the two haven’t been the happy, happy couple that […]

So…Is Kate Moss Pregnant?

Just days ago, this pic of Kate Moss was spread to every corner of the world, claiming that it was the first pic of her ‘baby bump’ and that News of the World had a confirmation from ‘a source close to the model’ that Moss was in fact, pregnant. This was the story that BumpShack ran. “British Supermodel […]

Celebrity Baby Update

There’s no doubt that celebrity babies are as busy as their parents and recently, two of Hollywood’s most adorable faces were seenout and about, both on different continents. Harlow Winter Madden was seen out with her mom, Nicole Richie, recently for New York’s Fashion Week. I must say, the two looked pretty darn cute and as […]

John and Kelly’s Strength

Ever since the tragic death of their son, Jett, in January, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have undoubtedly have been to hell and back and made the trip at least three times. The world has been pretty good about leaving them be – especially with the whole extortion attempt that seemed to have been handled pretty quickly […]

The Encounter We’ve All Been Waiting For

Just when it seems that people may be starting to lose interest in the whole Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston love scandal, it’s now being reported that Jolie and Aniston will be meeting face to face for the first time since Jolie stepped in and took what wasn’t hers. The encounter is said to take place at a pre-Oscar party so […]

Katy Perry Blows Hot and then Cold on Benji

Just days ago it was reported that Katy Perry made a huge hookup on the most romantic day of the year with Benji Madden, who apparently was done nursing his Paris wounds. After magazines, newspapers, and blogs were ablaze with the news of the new hookup, Perry took to her own blog to set the record straight. Normally, I […]

Celebrities Looking at Real Estate

There’s no question that the tough economic times we’re all facing hasn’t even fazed the stars as a few have been seen apartment or house hunting just recently. God only knows where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live – France, New Orleans, Timbuktu – they’ve called so many places their home but recently, Jolie was spotted out […]

Rihanna is Angry

And if there’s anyone in the world that deserves to be, she’s probably high on the list. Rihanna still has yet to come out with an official statement however, an ‘associate’ tells The Chicago Sun-Times that she is very angry about the public “apology” that Chris Brown made. My feeling is this – I think that Rihanna has […]

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