Britney Just Wants Somebody to Love

If Britney Spears has her way, we may all soon be talking about her new relationship and the rumor mill will be all ablaze with stories about how she’s pregnant, married, or headed for Splitsville. But this is all getting very far ahead of ourselves as much to Britney’s dismay, she can’t find a man no matter how badly she wants one! Yep, apparently Brit is on the hunt once again and what does she really want? Just someone to love that loves her just as much. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? From Pop Crunch,

“Britney Spears’hunt for a new man is the tabloid-esque Hot Topic of the Week.

The “Circus” singer, who has been single since splitting from hit and run drivin’ photog Adnan Ghalib last year, “feels like a failure without a guy who she can love and loves her back”, a friend of the star has revealed to Heat Magazine.

Britney is allegedly “obsessed” with finding a man as she embarks on a concert tour around the world, which kicks off in New Orleans on March 3.

“She looks around and sees other women her age in successful relationships and says to herself, ‘Why can’t that be me?’ Finding a man she can love is becoming an obsession for Britney.”

“Britney really wants to get her life back on track. She has her family around her and a couple of assistants, but no one to really share things with,” says her pal.

“I think Britney would be happier living in a trailer park, looking after her kids and working as a hairdresser as long as she had a guy by her side who really loves her.”

It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that all Britney wants is to settle down with a man and her family. She’s been saying for a very long time now that that’s really all she’s ever wanted and I firmly believe that she’s only so into her career at the moment because she’s feeling so much pressure from her family. Either way, I don’t know if these are actual quotes from a friend. I just find it hard to believe that someone close to Britney would go to Heat Magazine instead of a bigger publication like People or something if they really wanted to spill all of Britney’s personal hopes and dreams but what do I know? Maybe they did and none of the bigger publications cared all that much.

They may also be too busy running the story of Britney’s ex, Adnan Ghalib, who has recently had charges pressed against him for hitting a process server with his car just before he was about to be served with legal papers from Britney. On top of that, Adnan’s also been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery in addition to these hit-and-run charges. Hopefully if Britney is looking to hook up with someone, she’ll use a little bit better judgement than this kind of creep that she’s been linked to in the past.

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