Whassup with Freida Pinto?

Ever since the Golden Globes, I have been sort of boycotting Slumdog Millionaire for reasons that are unbeknownst to even me. I think just because it did sweep its fair share of awards at the Globe, and I had barely heard of it let alone seen it so I just wasn’tinterested. Then as all these unknown stars began to emerge, I’m not too sure why but I just sort of couldn’t get into it. And now I may know why. It’s seems my instincts are better than I give them credit for.

Freida Pinto, who is the love interest of her co-star, Dev Patel, in the Underdog Slumdog movie, is engaged. Sorry, was engaged. I guess she became a big star and then decided to dump her fiance because she had more options or something. Or wanted to sleep with Dev, I’m not too sure as the details still seem to be a bit fuzzy. But it is clear that she was engaged throughout the filming of the movie, and that she was told to keep that info on the down-low because it would disturb the on-screen chemistry of Freida’s and Dev’s characters. Not only is that messed up but her fiance seems to have always been jealous of the ‘friendship’ between Freida and Dev. Hmmm….seems like one big ol’ mess to me. See, this is why I didn’t want to get involved. From Contact Music,

“The ex-fiance of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star FREIDA PINTO blames the hit movie for wrecking their romance – insisting the actress is “infatuated” with co-star DEV PATEL.
Rohan Antao proposed to Pinto just days after she won the role of Latika in the Oscar-nominated film.
But he alleges movie bosses insisted Pinto keep the engagement under wraps – to emphasise her on-screen relationship with Patel’s character Jamal.
Antao insists the close friendship between the two stars led to his split with Pinto last month (Jan09).
And now he is refusing to watch the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday (22Feb09), where the Mumbai-based film is nominated in several top categories.
He tells British tabloid the News of the World, “The film bosses didn’t want her to be engaged. It would affect the whole emphasis of the film, the love story. I had no say in it.
“I asked Freida to spend less time with Dev, but she refused. She was comfortable with him and we were talking over the phone less and less. I was ticked off with Dev – and her.
“She is infatuated with Dev. I don’t know if they were having a sexual relationship but if I came face to face with him I would have things to say… Now everywhere I go I see them on billboards. I am devastated.”

Wow, it really seems as though Rohan is using his 15 minutes of fame to get everything off his chest. The funny thing about this is, because I didn’t know anything about them, I actually did think that Freida and Dev were dating. They just seemed very cozy at the Globes and it makes sense right, for co-stars to hook up? Then when I read headlines indicating she was engaged, I thought ‘Wow, I didn’t realize they were that serious.’ Then I click on the headlines to find one big huge scandal. The coupling between her and Dev seems so odd to me because she’s so outlandish, and stunningly beautiful, and he’s so quiet and kind of dorky in a cute kind of way. But either way I say, ‘Whassup with Freida Pinto?!’

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