Paris is Pissed!

I was actually quite disappointed when Paris Hilton and Benji Madden broke up. I thought that he was really good for her and kept her somewhat tamed. Instead of seeing pics of Paris out boozing away, we saw more pics of her and her man and while, yes, they still always seemed to be out a club, she seemed somewhat more demure and dare I say, grown up? When they broke up, I fully expected to see Paris back out in full force and hitting all the hot spots while she went back to being her ridiculous self. And that’s just what we got. Not surprising seeing as how the reason for the split was supposedly that Benji doesn’t like drinking his face off every chance he gets. 

After they broke up  however, Benji was reportedly still pining after Paris and doing very stalker-like things such as calling her non-stop and begging for her back. BUT! Now there’s a new girl in town – a girl by the name of Katy Perry and she has recently been rumored to be mid-hookup with Benji after cozy pics of the two were taken on Valentine’s Day. While Katy has denied any chance of a coupling, Paris doesn’t buy it (neither do I!), and seeing Benji with someone else has apparently made her realize that sometimes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. From Celebitchy,

“Jealous Paris Hilton wants her ex-boyfriend Benji Madden back after seeing him hit it off with another sexy celeb. The hotel heiress – who split from the Good Charlotte rock star last November – has admitted she is still in love with Benji after seeing pictures of him spending Valentine’s Day with US singer Katy Perry.

A source said: “Paris still has very strong feelings for Benji and seeing those pictures has really hurt her – especially as they were taken so close to her birthday. She is determined to get Benji back and she is not going to let anyone or anything stand in her way.” Benji and Katyspent the romantic day together in Las Vegas, although the ‘Hot n Cold’ singer has since insisted they are just good friends.

Shortly after Paris separated from Benji, the blonde socialite admitted she still had strong feelings for the musician. Paris (28) said “He’s my best friend. He’s been so great to me, so loyal, we will always be really close. I’m still in love with him. He’s a very special person – there’s no one like him.”

Paris’ birthday, for those of you who missed the ground shaking, was on Tuesday and really, how rude of Benji and Katy to be canoodling just days before?!? Don’t they know that the world revolves around Paris and that her day is something to be revered? And not only her day but apparently, the whole damn week or probably, the whole damn month. I can’t believe that she, or anyone else, would bring her birthday into this. It just shows the kind of immature and spoiled people that we are dealing with.

I really wanted Paris and Benji to get back together after their split. I, like Benji, thought that he was a good match for her. But now that someone who is actually cool has decided that they might want to be on Benji’s arm, I’m starting to think that he has better options. Hopefully he realizes the same thing and stays as far away as he can from his old trash-bag.

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