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Normally, I tend to disbelieve all of the Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson rumors, although they did have me after that big blowout fight on New Year’s Eve. But even though those breakup rumors didn’t turn out to be true, it’s no secret that at least ever since then, the two haven’t been the happy, happy couple that we’re used to seeing. And while I’m still pretty objective and level-headed about all the other garbage, thereare a few things about this newest Lindsay rumor that have me thinking. However, combat that with the fact that it’s OK! reporting, a tabloid which has recently been notorious for getting things wrong, and it all may just add up to nothing after all. You be the judge. From OK! via Celebitchy,

“While the cat’s away, the mice play — that’s how the saying goes, at least. And, though she’s denying any trouble in her romance with girlfriend Sam Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has only been feeding the rumor mill with her behavior.

See, while Sam has been recuperating from an alleged ear infection in Los Angeles, Lindsay’s been party-hopping, and according to TMZ, that includes a 6am pop-in visit to the Big Apple apartment of Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

While the I Know Who Killed Me star denied any illicit goings-on with Sir Chace of Sexyshire, there is a bit of little-known history between the two young stars.Back in Oct. 2008, Linds made no secret of her crush on Chace. The twosome met at the Diesel XXX Rock Party in NYC and swapped numbers and an insider tells OK! that Lindsay texted Chace nonstop.

“She has a habit of over texting people, especially when she’s attracted to them which is what happened with Chace. She’d have insomnia and he’d wake up to 5 or 6 text messages asking what he was up to. She has a habit of getting bored in the middle of the night and likes to flirt and get attention in order to keep her busy. Chace never acted on some of the things she suggested like meeting up, it was a little stalker like and creepy to be honest. He was just trying to be friendly!”

The fact that Lindsay would become text-obsessed doesn’t surprise me. She was also rumored to be doing the same thing with Mike Phelps, right around the time he won 47 medals at the Olympics. The fact that she likes to be the center of attention also shouldn’t surprise anyone as she is a known drama queen. What interests me here is not whether or not Lindsay has become Crawford’s new stalker but how much longer we have to wait until Lindsay and Sam finally and officially pull the plug on their relationship.

While I do agree with Celebitchy that the two are just keeping it going with no real feelings to back it up, I don’t think Lindsay’s staying with her just for publicity. I have a feeling that Sam is waiting for Linds to just finally let go and she’s having a problem with that. She’s not the most stable girl to begin with and now she also has a sexual identity crisis on her hands, as well as losing the person who she probably had her first real relationship. It definitely can’t be easy being Lindsay but I think it’s time she finds out exactly who that is.

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