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There’s no doubt that celebrity babies are as busy as their parents and recently, two of Hollywood’s most adorable faces were seenout and about, both on different continents. Harlow Winter Madden was seen out with her mom, Nicole Richie, recently for New York’s Fashion Week. I must say, the two looked pretty darn cute and as I much as I love all of the usual pictures of these two, it’s nice to see something different than Nicole going out to get her morning cup of coffee with the covered stroller. I guess this summer, we may be seeing more of Harlow’s adorable little cheeks, not a bad thing at all. Thanks to Gossip Girls for the pic and the caption.

Meanwhile, Zuma Rossdale goes ethnic across the pond as he was spotted outand about with his brother and their nanny in the charming streets of London. Zuma’s hat is not only super cute but it may also carry a greater meaning than just the designer’s name undoubtedly stamped somewhere across it. From Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“Kingston was seen wearing a cute white and blue knitted beanie while eating a ‘pain au chocolate’ pastry. Wrapped in a blanket, Zuma also wore an adorable beanie with the Pan-African colors of the Jamaican Rastafari. Perhaps the family are celebrating their connection to the Rastafarian movement, after all they did name their son Kingston (which is the capital city of Jamaica). Also, one of Zuma’s middle names is Nesta, in reference to Bob Marley (the legendary reggae musician Robert Nesta Marley was born in Jamaica).”

Meaning or no meaning, it’s super cute and the baby underneath it is even cuter! This pic was taken on Valentine’s Day and the little guy was seen being carried around by his mom, Gwen Stefani in LA just yesterday. Yep, celebrity babies certainly know about there being no rest for the weary!

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#1 baby names list on 03.09.09 at 4:52 pm

Cute little angels having a time with their beloved mom..They are so cute and great children. I am hoping that someday if i have my son as cute as they are.

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