Carrie Supports her Man

Every time I see Carrie Underwood I love her just a little bit more. And, I think that her current boyfriend, Mike Fisher probably does too. These two have been dating for several months now but both have been trying to keep their relationship pretty low-pro. That didn’t stop Carrie from going to see her boy play in Nashville on Monday. Because the Ottawa Senators are the only hockey team that really matters in my humble opinion, I watched this game and they showed Carrie in the private box laughing and cheering on her man. But as soon as she saw herself on the Jumbotron, she quickly made her way to the back of the box to watch the game from a TV, until the attention went back to the game and she came back out. From People,

“Though she’s kept mum since first being romantically linked with Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher last month, Carrie Underwood publicly cheered for her guy when his team took on her hometown Predators in Nashville Monday night.

Sitting in a private box in Nashville’s Sommet Center, Underwood gripped the edge of her seat as he drove the puck to the goal and grimaced and cringed as Fisher was body slammed. At one point, Fisher appeared to look up in her direction and she flashed a smile.

Fisher was credited with an assist, helping his team beat Nashville 2-0, and Underwood – who in the past has appeared at Predators games to root for her home team – clearly battled divided loyalties. The singer tensed up when the Predators appeared close to scoring, but also gamely displayed her “fang fingers” (a gesture mimicking Predator mascot Gnash’s teeth) along with the crowd.

Having a great time, Underwood boogied and sang along to snippets of “Ice, Ice Baby” and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” played over the loudspeaker. She remained in her box throughout whole game before reportedly joining Fisher in the team’s dressing room.”

*Sigh* I just love these two so-o-o much and I think that Carrie is totally too cute as she cheers for Fisher. What else is there to say about these two except that I love them and I hope that they can bypass all of the scandal and crap that so often sullies the beautiful things that so rarely come up in the celebrity world.

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#1 mariah on 02.18.09 at 7:36 am

she is definitely a very pretty girl and he is handsome they compliment each other quite well. i like him better then tony romo he seems like a manly man he looks rough around the edges romo’ s a scissy boy….i hope they last because it seems like they really like each other

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