Hookup: Benji Madden and Katy Perry

Last we heard from Katy Perry she was kissing girls while she liked it and last we heard from Benji Madden, he was still pining away for Paris. But it seems as though Benji is dialing someone else’s digits these days and Katy has stepped away from her lesbian tendencies – at least for the time being. From The Evil Beet,

“Following her Valentine’s show at Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space, Perry, 24, and Madden, 29, headed to Lavo – where the two conspicuously cuddled throughout the night, later prompting one observer to sense “some chemistry there.”

Madden, in town to deejay, even danced for Perry during several songs – and at those rare times when their hands weren’t on each other’s legs.”

This rumor does seem to be one that has a ring of truth to it. I hope it’s true anyway. I’d love to see Benji get over that blonde bimbo and I think Katy is a great person to do that with. These two also fit much better than Benji did with his former other-half. Perry’s a lot more rocker-chic than Paris ever will be – although she tried, God love her. I think it’s a step up for Benji too. Instead of dating someone who is famous for being pretty and sociable, he’s going to date someone who’s famous for actually having talent. This could definitely turn out good.

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