Connor Cruise Bonds with his Dad

Okay, just because I rant and rave about how Tom Cruise can’t be bothered to spend time with either of his two older children, Connor and Isabella, I thought that it would be nice to run this story of Tom enjoying some time with his son at the Daytona 500 this weekend. Keith Urban, Nicole’s new hubby performed […]

Hookup: Benji Madden and Katy Perry

Last we heard from Katy Perry she was kissing girls while she liked it and last we heard from Benji Madden, he was still pining away for Paris. But it seems as though Benji is dialing someone else’s digits these days and Katy has stepped away from her lesbian tendencies – at least for the time being. From The Evil […]

Chris Sort of Apologizes While Protecting Himself

Chris Brown has finally come out with an official statement and as you would expect, it’s an apology. Well sort of. He does say that he’s sorry ‘about what transpired’ and that he hopes ‘to emerge a better person.’ So does that make for an apology? I guess in this case it will have to. Notice […]