Two Almost-Forgotten’s: Rourke and Love

This is one story that really amuses me and it’s mostly because it’s about two stars that Hollywood had almost forgotten about – Mickey Rourke and Courtney Love. Rourke’s last big on-screen appearance was in the 2005 movie Sin City while Love’s last mark on Hollywood was her debut album America’s Sweetheart, which came out in 2004. So how did these two come to meet? No one seems too sure but the Digital Spy was just one source that pegged these two as ‘secretly dating’ earlier on in the week. While this is one relationship that I think would be incredibly interesting to follow, it seems as though this ‘relationship’ is just like Love’s career – done before it even really got started. From The Envelope,

“Tagged by TMZ’s inprepid pap team this week, Oscar-nominated “Wrestler” actor Mickey Rourke was asked if was really dating Courtney Love.

His response: “I’d rather be on a desert island with a gorilla.”

This from a man who reportedly recently knocked boots with girl-about-town Bai Ling.”

Eeww! Bai Ling, for real? What in God’s name could he find attractive about her? I suppose it doesn’t really matter but someone should tell Mickey that if he were stuck on a desert island, there’s probably a rather good chance that at least one gorilla would be there as well. Love meanwhile, has got her own little beef with Madonna and from the sounds of it, wouldn’t like to be deserted anywhere with the Queen of Pop. Courtney apparently has plans to move to London and wants Madge out before she gets there! Also from Digital Spy,

“Courtney Love is reportedly planning to move to the UK and thinks that Madonna should leave to accommodate her.

According to the Daily Star, Love has been reading Country Life magazine and wants to move to Buckinghamshire.

Love said: “People criticise Britain but it’s still a cleaner, safer place to live than Hollywood.

“Madonna had better stay the hell away from London when I move here to live. There’s no room for us both.”

I guess Courtney is a little behind the times. Madonna actually is leaving London and it actually has more to do with her recent divorce than it does with Courtney Love. I have a feeling that if it came to blows between these two, Madonna would reign the clear champion.

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#1 Kate on 03.26.09 at 8:52 am

Oh Bai… Always doing crazy stuff… I hope she doesn’t get killed off too early in Chain Letter, she’s always good for entertainment value.

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