Are Drew and Hugh a New Couple?

Drew and Hugh. It just sounds cute, doesn’t it? Well if Page Six is to be believed, these two think that they’re pretty cute together too. I personally would love for this couple to happen but I’m not buying into this one. She was reported to be with Jason Segel, the How I Met Your Mother star as recently as December and so, I just can’t believe that she’s already hooked up with Hugh if things hadn’t worked out on that front. Then again, it is Drew and she has been mostly considered single since her split with Justin Long this past summer so who knows? Maybe we’ll get to see this Music & Lyrics romance happen in real life after all. From the New York Post, 

“DREW Barrymore is loving being single – and available. The “He’s Just Not That Into You” star has been linked with several men recently, but had her eye on her “Music and Lyrics” co-star, Hugh Grant, Monday night. According to spies, Barrymore got very excited when the Brit walked into the Waverly Inn. “She squealed and jumped in his arms,” a spy said. The two then “made out,” but Barrymore showed up to the Beatrice Inn by herself later to hang with Clive Owen. Maybe Hugh’s just not that into her.”

The fact that she left  him and was seen hanging out with someone else the same night also tells me that this probably was nothing more than a friendly hello kiss. It’s also hard to picture Hugh and Drew just running into each other and then making out. Although it is Hugh and he’s good for public PDAs just about anytime, any place. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this one plays out to be anything more than what I think but it would be fun to see this happen.

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