Mandy Moore is Engaged

Mandy Moore’s reps have recently announced that she is engaged to her alternative rock boyfriend, Ryan Adams. The two have been dating since March 2008 although they broke up briefly in July 2008. Moore was then said to be hooking back up with DJ AM after the horrific plane crash that he survived, along with Travis Barker. Apparently, that didn’t work out and Adams, who was reported as being very insecure about Moore’s fame, hence the reason for their breakup, has gotten over his own issues. From the Associated Press,

“Singer-actress Mandy Moore and rock singer Ryan Adams are engaged.
Moore’s publicist Jillian Fowkes confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the two are planning to wed. No details were announced.
The 24-year-old Moore started out as a squeaky-clean teen singer and later crossed into movies with featured roles in such films as “License to Wed,” “A Walk to Remember,” “Saved” and “American Dreamz.”

I’m not one to automatically doom marriages but I don’t think this one is going to work out. Their relationship just seems so fragile, with something as stupid as her fame breaking them up. I’m guessing that if it was a problem before, it’s going to rear its ugly head again only this time, official paperwork will be needed to call it off. Hopefully it does work out for Mandy Moore. I kind of like her and she’s had a tough time with relationships. This one just doesn’t seem strong enough from the get-go to give it much hope.

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