Baby Bronx’s Broken Arm

Baby Bronx, the heir to the throne of Ash Wentzday, is not even 3 months old yet and it seems that he has already suffered a major injury – a broken arm! There are very few details being released just yet and I have only come across this one source so far so who knows if it’s even true but can you imagine if it is? Headlines wouldn’t see that kind of limelight since the days when Britney almost dropped Sean Preston. From Pop Crunch,

“Oh no! The Rumor Mill is ablaze with grumbles that Pete and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s infant son Bronx is being treated for a broken arm.

According to X17Online, Ashlee has cancelled a promotional appearance in Las Vegas due to her son’s injury.”

Hopefully this story isn’t true but if it is, hopefully poor little Bronx will be okay. And hopefully it doesn’t turn into a media frenzy of people questioning Ashlee and Pete’s parenting abilities. The media can be harsh and no young family just starting out needs that.

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