More Rihanna Details Released

Those of you who are already sick of hearing about the altercation that happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna on Sunday will just have to suck it up, as seemingly minute by minute, new details are being released. While we will have to wade through what might be actual facts and what will be wild rumors, I think this story really does deserve all of the press attention it’s getting, as long as it’s obtaining it respectfully. But this is definitely an issue that needs light shed on it. Hiding abuse of any kind never seems to work out for anyone. Apparently, what might have started the fight between the couple in the first place could have been text messages from another woman, and then things turned really ugly when Rihanna threw the keys of the rented Lamborghini Chris was driving out the window. From Pop Crunch,

“According to sources, Rihanna has been cooperating with the cops’ investigation, in which she told them that he threatened to kill her after she threw his car keys out the window.
Most of you still want official statements from Chris and Rihanna, but for now with all the speculation aboutwhat caused the fight, including text messages from another woman, we’re still putting the pieces together.”

And it also seems as though this might not be the first instance that this has happened. Friends have been telling US Weekly that Rihanna has been showing signs of physical abuse since December. Which wouldn’t really be shocking. I’d probably actually be more surprised if this was the first time it happened and it got so out of control so quickly. From US,

“Brown — who is currently being investigated by Los Angeles county prosecutors after Rihanna allegedly accused him of assaulting her the night before the Grammys — always had a “volatile” relationship with the singer, an insider tells Us.

A Rihanna confidant adds that bruises were clearly visible on the singer’s neck in early December. Alarmed, “I asked is everything was OK with her and Chris,”says the pal. “She told me, ‘We broke up again.’ I didn’t pursue the issue further.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s sister, Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy, says the singer, 19, is “doing good” in light of his latest altercation with Rihanna. “He’s coping,” she told Extra on Wednesday. “He’s doing … [as well] as to be expected.”

I’m not going to be too quick to jump on this story that the ‘friends’ have but that’s not to say that I don’t believe it either. I’m just wary of unnamed sources to begin with. But the fact that Brown’s sister is coming out and saying that he’s ‘coping’ and doing ‘as well as can be expected’ just seems a little beyond ridiculous to me. Are we actually supposed to be sympathizing with him? I’m sorry, for what exactly? Because he’s a woman beater? Did someone knock him unconscious? Oh that’s right, he was actually the abuser, not the one being abused. Yeah, he won’t be seeing much in the way of sympathy from me. Neither Brown or Rihanna have said anything about the incident yet but it will be very interesting to hear what both of them have to say. I’m mainly interested to hear Rihanna’s statement as Chris’ is most likely to be filled with hollow apologies and meaningless excuses for his behavior.

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