Kutcher’s Bad Taste

Just when I start to think that I may like Ashton Kutcher after all, he does something that proves that he really is just an immature 10-year-old at heart and that, no matter how old his wife is, he will never change. Now he has decided to take one of thebiggest Hollywood scandals and use it as a source of entertainment. Apparently the Punk’d star has just found out that he’s staying in the same hotel room that Michael Jackson was when he dangled his son perilously over the edge of the balcony with a cloth over his face. Kutcher won’t actually be dangling a baby, no that would be inappropriate, but he will be recreating the whole incident. From Contact Music,

“ASHTON KUTCHER is planning a re-enactment of MICHAEL JACKSON’s infamous baby-dangling horror after discovering he’s staying in the same Berlin hotel room as the King of Pop.
In an online Twitter.com post, prankster Kutcher reveals he’s hoping to thrill the waiting paparazzi outside the Hotel Adlon by holding a baby doll over the balcony outside his room – just like Jackson did in 2002.
The King of Pop has since apologised for the gaffe, admitting his decision to dangle baby Prince Michael II above the heads of shocked fans and journalists was “a terrible mistake”, but that hasn’t stopped Kutcher having fun.
Wrapping up the doll in the room Jackson was staying in when he went baby dangling, the Punk’d creator says, “We are in the exact room where MJ held the baby out the window. We are plotting a re-enactment at a time to be disclosed… (The) paparazzi have surrounded the room.”
Kutcher even covers the doll’s face, so it looks just like Jacko’s kid, adding, “Mike would never allow a child to be held out of a window without a medical mask on.”

Am I really the only one who sees how wrong this is? This was not a funny thing that happened. It was actually an outrage and that was the response of the general public. Why does it need to be reenacted and why are we giving the original story more print time than its worth? I really had hoped that Kutcher would be above this sort of thing but apparently, he really does think it’s funnywhen people do really stupid and negligent things, and put other people – sorry, babies, in harm’s way.

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