Kutcher’s Bad Taste

Just when I start to think that I may like Ashton Kutcher after all, he does something that proves that he really is just an immature 10-year-old at heart and that, no matter how old his wife is, he will never change. Now he has decided to take one of thebiggest Hollywood scandals and use […]

Is Simpson Happy? Or in Denial?

Jessica Simpson has had a tough go of it lately, first with this huge supposed ‘scandal’ over her weight (which was probably 3 pounds in actuality) and then her breakdown on-stage just a week ago when she was opening for Rascall Flatts. There was brief speculation that her downward spiral may have been due to problems […]

More Rihanna Details Released

Those of you who are already sick of hearing about the altercation that happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna on Sunday will just have to suck it up, as seemingly minute by minute, new details are being released. While we will have to wade through what might be actual facts and what will be wild rumors, I […]