Chris Brown Likes to Hit Women

Or at least his current girlfriend, Rihanna. It first came out on Sunday that the R&B singer, Chris Brown, was under investigation for an alleged domestic violence charge and on early Sunday morning, he not only turned himself in but it was also reported that the victim of the assault was his girlfriend, Rihanna. Chris Brown disgusts me and has always disgusted me. I can only hope that this story will show fans what he’s really about and hopefully, his career will quickly go down the toilet. Ijust don’t think that women-beaters deserve fame and fortune. Sadly, this story will most likely see its spotlight time and then will be forgotten. Well, probably not by Rihanna. From Daily Blabber,

“Police say the Chris and Rihanna were in a vehicle in the Hancock Park neighborhood early Sunday when they began arguing. Then they got out of the car and the fight escalated.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Rihanna was “reportedly hospitalized with bruises on her face.”

Chris turned himself in on Sunday, was arrested and released on bail.”

Both Chris Brown and Rihanna were scheduled to perform at the Grammy’s last night but obviously the drama kept them both away. They have been dating just less than a year but their relationship has been reported recently to be on the rocks. Obviously, this story confirms it. Hopefully Rihanna will realize what she has to do and get rid of the deadweight.

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