Ben Wants a Boy

It was only weeks ago that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed little baby Seraphina (I’m still choking on that name) into their family but according to OK! Magazine, Ben has already started asking Jen to give him a son – and soon! Slow down the mojo there, Ben, the woman just gave birth! I’m not too sure that I believe this story. OK! has actually become a rather unreliable source and the fact that this ‘friend’ has chosen to remain unnamed makes me wonder even more. But I really hope it’s not. That little baby girl was just born like 5 seconds ago and I’m sure the whole family could use some time to adjust – including Ben. From OK!,

“Daddy Ben Affleck is thrilled that his new baby girl, Seraphina Rose, born Jan. 6, has joined daughter Violet, 3, in his growing brood. But a friend of the He’s Just Not That Into You star says he’s already lobbying wife Jennifer Garner to get pregnant again–and this time, with a boy!

“Ben’s happy to keep going until he gets his boy,” says a friend, who notes the star’s fanatical love for the Boston Red Sox. “He has visions of dressing a little guy in Red Sox gear, tossing a baseball around and cheering in the stands together.”

Jen, however, has other plans! “She’s told friends that she’s done,” a friend of the couple, both 36, tells OK!. “She jokes with Ben, ‘If you want more babies, you’ll have to find a way to produce them yourself!’”

But Ben is convinced he’ll change Jen’s mind–eventually. And he may be right!

“Jen is a big softie when it comes to giving Ben what he wants,” says the friend. And if Ben remains the lone male in the Affleck household? “He’ll have those little girls dressed head-to-toe in Red Sox gear!”

I am totally on Jen’s side on this one. Knowing that you’re done and aren’t going to have any more kids really is a great feeling – no matter how much of a blessing those little ones are. And has anyone reminded Ben of the fact that you don’t actually get to choose the sex of your child. Well unless you pull a Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller stunt, which I would hate to see Jen and Ben do. I guess that for the time being anyway, Ben will just have to be happy outfitting his little girls in Red Sox gear. And who said there’s anything wrong with that?!?

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