Kate and Owen: Reunited!

That sound you hear is me squealing in delight as one of my favorite Hollywood couples have found their way back to each other once again! Yep, forget Madonna’s sloppy A-Rod seconds and forget handsome golfer-boy Adam Scott. There’s really only one true love for Kate Hudson and that is of course, Owen Wilson. It was just announced that […]

Ben Wants a Boy

It was only weeks ago that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed little baby Seraphina (I’m still choking on that name) into their family but according to OK! Magazine, Ben has already started asking Jen to give him a son – and soon! Slow down the mojo there, Ben, the woman just gave birth! I’m not too sure that I believe […]

Tiger Woods Has a Son!

Tiger Woods and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Charlie Axel Woods, into their family yesterday and both baby and Elin, Tiger’s wife, are doing very well. What I love the most about this story is that anyone who has ever watched anything on Tiger Woods knows that his dad had him out with a golf club […]

Usher’s Medical Drama

One of the biggest reasons why I have never seen the point in plastic surgery is because when it’s done for cosmetic reasons, it’s placing yourself at unnecessary risk for something that seems kind of pointless tome. And when things in plastic surgery go bad, they seem to go really  bad. That is the case […]

Chris Brown Likes to Hit Women

Or at least his current girlfriend, Rihanna. It first came out on Sunday that the R&B singer, Chris Brown, was under investigation for an alleged domestic violence charge and on early Sunday morning, he not only turned himself in but it was also reported that the victim of the assault was his girlfriend, Rihanna. Chris Brown disgusts me and […]