Sandra Bullock about to get a Taste of Motherhood

If Sandra Bullock has ever considered having children and has been filled with all the usual questions, (‘Will I be a good mom? Will my kid like me?’), she’s about to get her answer. Before you start looking for Sandra’s baby bump, stop. She doesn’t have one. She is about to become a full-time parent to her stepdaughter though who, until now, was living with her biological mom, a former porn star. Yep, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. From The Evil Beet,

“On March 10, Sunny’s mother, former adult film star Janine Lindemulder, 40, will head for federal prison to serve a six-month sentence for income tax evasion. While Janineis behind bars, an Orange County, Calif., court awarded temporary full custody of Sunny to Jesse.”

Well at least it will be only for 6 months so everyone’s lives can hopefully return to normal fairly soon. You gotta wonder what normal is in that family though with moms who are former strippers and don’t pay their taxes to big-wig celebrities who walk the red carpet. It doesn’t actually seem to be all that scandalous but at least Sandra will be able to get a taste of what having a kid would be like full-time. Hopefully it goes well for her.

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#1 Ron on 05.22.10 at 6:06 am

Sandra Bullock, I just want to say thank you, for giving your baby, Louis Gordon Bullock love, hope, and a chance to be all he can be. Yahweh, loves you for it, and so do I. God’s speed, to both of you.

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