New Couple Alert: Ryan and Natalie!

Well apparently Ryan Gosling is trying to mend his heart, which Rachel McAdams broke – twice! – by hooking up with Natalie Portman. The story goes that Ryan saw Natalie, wanted to date Natalie and wouldn’t stop pestering her until she finally agreed to go out with him, which in some way has its own sort of charm, I suppose. From Celebedge,

“In the wake of Rachel McAdams headbanging (and regular banging) with Josh Lucas, her famous ex Ryan Gosling has landed a rebound of his own: Natalie Portman. eTalk’s Gosszilla, Lainey Liu, reports that the couple most likely to be seen in a For Your Consideration ad have been watching movies together at home and hanging out with groups of friends. They met at one of Ryan’s DJ gigs and he repeatedly asked for her number until she cracked under the annoyingness.”

I hope that he was the charming kind of persistent instead of the annoying kind but then again, it’s Ryan Gosling and he doesn’t really register on my radar all that much to begin with. I do like Portman better than I like that McAdams girl, or find her more interesting anyway, so perhaps this relationship will spark a little something more in me than his last one did. They do look cute together anyways, you gotta give them that!

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