Alyson Hannigan has the Mum-Dumbs

Alyson Hannigan, the girl that we all fell in love with on American Pie and now watch every week on How I Met Your Mother is pregnant and has sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about her first pregnancy. She touched on everything from her food cravings to the mum-dumbs, which any new mom will tell you is […]

Sandra Bullock about to get a Taste of Motherhood

If Sandra Bullock has ever considered having children and has been filled with all the usual questions, (‘Will I be a good mom? Will my kid like me?’), she’s about to get her answer. Before you start looking for Sandra’s baby bump, stop. She doesn’t have one. She is about to become a full-time parent to her […]

New Couple Alert: Ryan and Natalie!

Well apparently Ryan Gosling is trying to mend his heart, which Rachel McAdams broke – twice! – by hooking up with Natalie Portman. The story goes that Ryan saw Natalie, wanted to date Natalie and wouldn’t stop pestering her until she finally agreed to go out with him, which in some way has its own sort of charm, I suppose. […]