Penelope Cruz may be my New BFF

I know this blog is to talk about the heartaches and romances of Tinseltown but I do feel thatthis is related as there is a new hookup on the horizon – and it’s me and Penelope Cruz. Not a romance but she may just be a contender to become my new best friend. The funny part? I kinda hated her before. So what’s the source of my soon-to-be best-friendom? Eminem. Of course. Turns out, Penny loves Eminem as much as I do and she has karaoke parties where she likes to turn gangster and spit out some serious rhymes right along with him. From Digital Spy,

“Penelope Cruz has confessed that she loves singing Eminem songs on her karaoke machine.

Appearing as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Spanish star added that she is planning to celebrate Oscar night by throwing a karaoke party.

“You know I’m a big fan of karaoke… I have one at home. I even do it alone sometimes,” she said.

“I do a lot of Eminem, ‘Around the Outside’. “That’s one of myfavourites. Yeah, but that [Oscar] night, whatever happens, my family and my friends and everyone is going to have to do some karaoke. We’re going to celebrate, no matter what.”

That’s awesome, I love the fact that she even does it when she’s by herself! I totally want to go to one of those parties. In actual real life news, Cruz is up for an Oscar for her role in Vicky Cristina. The same role landed her a Golden Globe nomination earlier this year. She has been quoted as saying that she wants to win the Oscar ‘for Spain.’

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