John Just Can’t Help Himself!

When John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston got back together in October, one of the things that was reportedly on Jen’s list for changes that needed to be made was that John needed to keep his trap shut about their relationship. Well, just a short few months seems to have been just about enough for John, who has always […]

Finally! A Real Role Model!

Well, this is certainly refreshing to hear! Unlike the Miley Cyrus’ of the world, that are polluting blogs and headlines with half-naked photos and constant drama and controversy, in walks Emma Watson, the Harry Potter star that holds the ‘less is more’ approach whenit comes to style and beauty. Watson, who plays the young witch Hermione is […]

Penelope Cruz may be my New BFF

I know this blog is to talk about the heartaches and romances of Tinseltown but I do feel thatthis is related as there is a new hookup on the horizon – and it’s me and Penelope Cruz. Not a romance but she may just be a contender to become my new best friend. The funny part? […]