Glad to See I’m not the Only One

It’s finally becoming fashionable to make fun of Angelina Jolie and I am clapping my hands in delight! The Changeling star was the source of great entertainment this past weekend on Saturday Night Live as Abby Elliott did a great job of portraying the actress and playing up on some of those irritating habits the real-life Jolie has. This is what US had to say on it,

“Angelina Jolie was spoofed on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

During Weekend Update, Seth Meyers was chatting about the California woman who gave birth to octuplets when Jolie (played by newcomer Abby Elliott) walked on stage.

“Does she want all of them?” she said.

Replied Meyers, “Yeah… I mean, I think she does, yes.”

Elliot, as Jolie, then asked where SNL alum Amy Poehler was.

When Meyers said that Poehler – who welcomed a baby in October – left the show, Elliot’s Jolie replied, “Did she take her baby with her? … I could always use a new baby.”
Meyers then asked her if she was excited about the Oscars.

Poking fun at Jolie’s abrupt interviewing style, Elliot quickly said “yes” and then walked off.”

I realize that when it comes to Angelina Jolie, I do tend to tend to go right off the tracks sometimes but it’s nice to see that others can also get a bit of fun out of the actress, especially in this case when it really does seem to be all in good fun. I wonder what Angelina will wear to the Oscars. Maybe she’ll wear the same dress she wore to the SAGs and the Critic’s Choice Awards but this time, she’ll wear it with the front in the front and she’ll dye it red.

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