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Sarah Jessica’s Obvious Mistake

Sarah Jessica Parker has been under much scrutiny lately after the affair her husband, Matthew Broderick, had became public knowledge this past summer. Many assumed that she would immediately leave the actor but through it all, Sarah Jessica has stood by her man. Will it last? Who knows but if this marriage is doomed, SJP mayjust have something to […]

Michelle has Clear Goals for her Daughter

There’s no doubt that Michelle Williams plays the part of doting mother very well. I love seeing the pics of her and little Matilda because they’re all of a normal mom doing normal stuff with her kid. And if Michelle has her way, ‘normal’ is just what Matilda will always be…you know, in her own very special […]

The Twins’ First Birthday!

Despite all the drama surrounding their parents, it sounds like Max and Emme had a great birthday party last Saturday complete with clowns and celebrity guests. I would expect a huge affair made out of this but seeing as how I didn’t even really hear about it until it was a slow news day, it […]

Nick is Once Again Mariah’s Beotch! matcha tea adrenal fatigue

I sort of agari green tea and of feel sorry for Nick Cannon. For whatever reasons, he fell in love with Mariah Carey and ever since, has become the matcha and the laughingstock of agari green tea and of Hollywood. Not only just for dating her, let alone marrying her, but because it’s become a running […]

Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson: Does Anyone Care? best healthy salad dressing

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson started dating 2 years ago but they had recently broken up in November. Who knows and who cares why they broke up, perhaps it was the recipe for healthy salad dressing and the huge age difference between the quinoa salad recipes vegan and the two, with Manson being 19 years older than […]

Lindsay’s New Tradition

I guess Lindsay Lohan decided that she liked doing that nude Marilyn Monroe-inspired naked photo shoot last year so much that she is going to make it a yearly tradition. Bump Shack has run some photos of Lilo’s newest photo shoot, which she did for Hedi Slimane and they are much different than last year’s photos that […]

Hilary Duff Joins the Team tokina logo

Hockey benches and celebrity rags have been abuzz for the sushi in lincoln park and the past few months with the japanese restaurant lincoln and the news that Carrie Underwood has been dating Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher. The two are both keeping pretty mum on the hoya photographic filters and the subject although Underwood has been […]

Nicole’s Baby Bump – Already!

I guess it comes as no surprise that just days after Joel Madden’s announcement that his Baby Mamma, Nicole Richie, is pregnant again that they were seen out at a party on Sunday night and Nicole was already debuting her baby bump. Since she’s lost all that weight, you can see when the girl eats a sandwich […]

Jen’s Jealous Rage

We were all expecting a catfight between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars on Sunday. Maybe Jen slapping Angie across the face while calling her a home-wrecking slut or maybe Angelina grabbing Brad’s behind and winking at Jen just as they passed on the red carpet. All of that would have been good but what we got was actually two […]

Britney Just Wants Somebody to Love

If Britney Spears has her way, we may all soon be talking about her new relationship and the rumor mill will be all ablaze with stories about how she’s pregnant, married, or headed for Splitsville. But this is all getting very far ahead of ourselves as much to Britney’s dismay, she can’t find a man no matter […]

Are Calista and Harrison Getting Married?

Well, since they’ve been engaged for about two decades, you would think that they would be getting married eventually but I think many of us have given up hope at this point. Truthfully, Calista Flockhart and her beau hunk Harrison Ford have only been engaged for two years, which is a lifetime in celebrity marriages never mind […]

A True Heartbreaker

The world has been filled with ugly headlines lately regarding Chris Brown and I think he’s been called just about every bad name there is. Many celebrities have spoken out about the way he beat his girlfriend, Rihanna, and while most have admitted to being appalled and wanting Brown to retreat to the remotest corners of the […]

Congratulations, Heath, you did it!

There’s always that little blurb during the Academy Awards where they show the montage of actors that have passed away during the last year but last night, there was a moment of remembrance that was particularly emotional. Perhaps we all expected it as it was greatly anticipated that Heath Ledger was not only nominated for Best […]

A Threesome of the Worst Kind

Last night at the Oscar’s there were many big nameswaltzing down the red carpet but few were more anticipated perhaps than the encounter between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston. I’d add John Mayer in there but I’m not sure he was born yet in 2005 when the whole Aniston/Pitt marriage exploded all to hell. We didn’t […]

Alba’s Whine Follows Her Wherever She Goes

I am so freakin sick and tired of Jessica Alba’s whine. She whined that the media was in her face all the time during her pregnancy, rumored to be because she didn’t want’fat’ pictures taken of her and after Honor was born, she was seen toting that little one all over town. Only of course, once […]

Whassup with Freida Pinto?

Ever since the Golden Globes, I have been sort of boycotting Slumdog Millionaire for reasons that are unbeknownst to even me. I think just because it did sweep its fair share of awards at the Globe, and I had barely heard of it let alone seen it so I just wasn’tinterested. Then as all these […]

Nicole Richie is Pregnant Again!

The Richie/Madden household has been talking about expanding their family for some time now so I guess it comes as no surprise that Nicole Richie is once again pregnant and about to give Harlow a baby brother or sister and make Joel Madden her Baby Daddy once again. And the announcement came straight from the horse’s mouth via […]

Brooke Mueller Taken to Hospital send flowers toronto

Brooke Mueller, the newest wife of flower shop in canada and of Charlie Sheen, and the toronto flower shop and the woman who is about to give him twins, was taken to the flower delivery in toronto and the hospital this week due to early contractions. This isn’tsurprising, since early labor is expected with twins, but […]

Paris is Pissed!

I was actually quite disappointed when Paris Hilton and Benji Madden broke up. I thought that he was really good for her and kept her somewhat tamed. Instead of seeing pics of Paris out boozing away, we saw more pics of her and her man and while, yes, they still always seemed to be out a club, she […]

Rihanna’s Statement and Dad’s Reaction to Photo

Rihanna was seen back out in LA late this week, and she seems ready to start dealing with the backlash from the incident with Chris Brown. Hopefully Chris will have more backlash to deal with but it’s clear that he gave her more than a beating – now she also has her very own scandal to deal with. […]