Justin Long Shows his Funny and Classy Side

Make sure you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday because Justin Long’s going to be on and this is one super funny young man! He along with the rest of his cast mates, are doing crazy promotion right now for the new movie He’s Just not That Into You, in which he costars with some very big names such as Ben Aflleck, Jennifer Aniston, and his recent ex, Drew Barrymore. Ellen, being Ellen, couldn’t resist asking him about the past relationship that he had with Drew and asking him what it’s like now being in such close quarters with her. From People, 

“Is that hard?” DeGeneres, 51, asks Long, 30. “Now you’re on a press tour with someone you were in a movie with, in a relationship with and now you’re seeing each other. And if it’s not I’ve just made it more awkward.”

Long gamely replies, “Up until this point it’s been not awkward at all.”

The actor credits Barrymore, 33, with their continuing friendship. “She’s effortlessly charming and easy to be around,” he says. “She has this amazing ability to make anyone feel like at ease.”

The friendly exes were recently spotted slow-dancing and hugging at L.A. lounge h.wood following a He’s Just Not That Into You press junket.”

Justin Long seems to be one of those people that are just super, truly nice people at heart and you really can’t help but love him. I loved him and Drew together but the fact that they can remain so close even after a breakup just shows that they are both people full of not only great comedy, but great class as well.

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