Elisabeth Hasselback Pregnant Again!

I really hope that this 3rd pregnancy of The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback really is as fantabulous as she’s making it sound. I know babies are cute and fun and all but her second child, Taylor, just turned one and her oldest, Grace,is only 3. Speaking from personal experience, having a newborn and a toddler (never mind plus another one!) it’s very hard and you get absolutely no sleep and pretty much feel likea crazy person most of the time. But I do realize that Hasselback probably does have more money for things like nannies and night nannies than most of us but she strikes me as the type of person that does as much of it herself as possible. From Pop Watch,

“The chirpy one on The View announced today that having not realized it for two months, she is officially pregnant with her third child. The Hasselbot recalled feeling tired and nauseous on election night: “I thought I was just worn out from the procedure. No. I was knocked up!”

I really like Elisabeth, even though I sometimes disagree very strongly with some of her views. But having trouble getting pregnant again after Grace was something that she struggled with and talked about quite candidly on The View. I’m glad for them that this time they had the delight of being surprised, especially after having such problems before. Congratulations to Elisabeth, Tim, and the entire family!

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