Madonna Gets Her Kids

Well the final details of the ugly divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie obviously aren’t all hammered out yet as a new decision has just been made to let Madonna take her kids back to New York with her, even though Guy was adamant to keep the kids in Britain. Well, just another hissy fit by Guy and just another […]

Are Jen and John Over…Again?

Okay, let me begin this post by saying that I have only seen this story posted once and the source is the anonymous ‘insider’ and so, I am not immediately giving this story any credit. But In Style has reported that John Mayer has been seen stepping out on his on-again/off-again girl, Jennifer Aniston. There is something […]

Elisabeth Hasselback Pregnant Again!

I really hope that this 3rd pregnancy of The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback really is as fantabulous as she’s making it sound. I know babies are cute and fun and all but her second child, Taylor, just turned one and her oldest, Grace,is only 3. Speaking from personal experience, having a newborn and a toddler (never mind plus another […]