What’s up with Jennifer Aniston?

I am a huge Jennifer Aniston fan but lately, I have been wondering what is going on with her. I know, she’s dating John Mayer and they’re just happier than two pigs in pudding but whenever I’ve seen or read any quotes from her, I’m always left a little puzzled. When she appeared on David Letterman just before Christmas, the interview was very awkward and she seemed as though she really just wanted to bolt from the room the whole time. What I’ve read most recently from her reminds me much of thatinterview, as she began her talk with Dave by telling a story about an old school teacher she had that she just had to know no one cared about. And Jen’s newest bits of wisdom? Don’t eat cherry tomatoes. Yep, there ya go. From Gossip Girls,

“Talking to MTV News, the “Marly & Me” sweetheart spoke of a big regret during her dating experiences while more seriously chatting about the troubles of dating under the watchful eye of the world.
Of the one she would never ever do again, Jen tells, “Never order a cherry tomato! I was on a date with this guy … there was a cherry tomato and he bit into it and it was all over my white dress. So that was just one side note. No cherry tomatoes!”

I think what is most likely happening is that she is sick and tired of everyone talking about her personal life that she is completely shutting down and giving us absolutely nothing. If that’s the case, good for her! I’d most likely do exactly the same thing if I wore Jennifer Aniston’s $3,000 shoes. And reports have been that she has told Johnny-boy to put a serious clamp on his trap when it came to talking to the media about their relationship so maybe it’s all just part of her new life mantra that she’s got going for her. Whatever the reason is, I’d really like to see her go back to being the  chick that will stick it to ya while remaining nothing but full of class and grace while she does it.

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