Is Britney Jealous or Protective?

Britney Spears has been getting ready pumping up and perfecting dance moves for her new Circus tour, which is set to start in March. New pics have gone up on the official site and although there is huge buzz about how hot Brit looks, I must say, I like the last pics that they had up of her better. But that’s not to say that she looks like dog-meat in these either. And along with the news of the new promo pics, there’s also news that K-Fed’s got a new girl and Britney doesn’t like it one bit. The problem, according to Britney is that she doesn’t want this new chickie around her boys and K-Fed’s argument, as any divorced parent’s would be, is ‘that’s not my problem.’ Or is the problem that Britney thought their counseling sessions were to work on getting back together while Federline was clearly thinking differently? Hmm…hard to say, it does seem as though Britney’s grasping at straws a little bit. From The Chicago Sun-Times via Celebitchy,

“On Monday, a longtime Spears insider called this column to share tidbits from a nasty phone fight between the entertainer and K-Fed — mostly focusing on Spears’ obsession with Prince, especially when it comes to her children.

Calling the conversation a “total hysterical screaming match,” the source claimed Spears told Federline in no uncertain terms she did not want “that [c-word] anywhere near my kids.” The witness also reported that Federline apparently went into some detail — on the other end of the phone line — telling Spears, “You really don’t have much say about that.” That was a clear reminder the singer still has limited parental rights when it comes to her sons Sean Preston and Jaden James.

Britney is furious because she and Federline had gone to a couple of counseling sessions she thought might lead to a reconciliation, but he thought were more to help them have a civil relationship as they deal with their kids, etc.

Another Spears associate said Spears and Federline recently had been getting on so well, Britney had invited him to join her next tour in some capacity. She has now reportedly rescinded that offer, though Federline apparently told her he never even would have thought about it.”

I think that the problem is most likely that Britney is a tiny bit jealous of this woman as the new girl on Kevin’s arm and that she is immensely jealous of the role this new girl will play in the lives of her two boys. It’s a perfectly legitimate concern and one that I think most divorced mothers would feel but – and it’s literally killing me to say this – Kevin is actually right on this one. Once the parents have divorced, on their time with the kids, whoever they choose to introduce to their children is really their decision. I think that this may have actually been the point that Kevin was trying to make, and not that she is under her daddy’s watchful eye and so she has limited access to the kids. And the fact that Britney is doing things such as throwing screaming fits and calling this girl the most vulgar of vulgar names, just shows me that she’s not completely grown up just yet. Which I kind of like, god forbid she get boring!

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