Lindsay’s in Trouble

As Lindsay and Sam start to spend less and less time together, people are starting to focus instead on Lindsay’s weight issues and wondering what it means for the young actress. It’s clear that something is going on with Lindsay – you can practically see her bones wanting to poke right through her skin in this picture. And it makes sense that a bad breakup with Sam would send Lindsay back to her old ways. She was a complete mess before she hooked up with Sam and although she may have still been a complete drama queen and a spoiled princess, Lindsay was at least healthy and seemingly better able to cope with things in general. This is truly a sign that Lilo is headed down the same dangerous path she was before but this time, there’s no Sam there to stop her. From Celebitchy,

“We know that things haven’t been a bed of roses lately for Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

The pair have had a series of full-blown rows and their chums are worried that the stress could be getting to LiLo – after they spotted mysterious scratch marks all over her arm.

A friend said: “The marks looked really red and sore.

“She tried to hide them under a long-sleeved shirt but when she lifted up her arm to show someone a picture on her mobile phone you could see the lines on her arm.”

I was really hoping for the best when Lindsay and Sam broke up but it looks as Lindsay just isn’t ready to be on her own just yet. Hopefully someone helps her before it is too late, and hopefully that someone is of the medical profession instead of another human crutch.

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#1 a RoHan fan on 01.27.09 at 9:09 pm

Only one problem with your story…They DID NOT Break up…yes it is clear Lindsay has lost weight and that was probably due to the stress of her troubles with Samantha, her father, the negative crap she gets from the media all the time….We all deal with stress in different ways, some by losing weight, some by gaining it…I am sure all will be fine now she and Samantha are back to normal….just give the girl a break, she is doing a brave thing trying to live her life honestly and should be given respect and kudos for doing that, rather than having to suffer sniping from all sides.

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