I’ll Keep my Mouth Shut for Knox and Vivienne

Yep here’s a post about Brad and Angelina where I’m actually going to gush a little bit. Even I don’t want to think any bitter thoughts as I look at Knox and Vivienne Pitt-Jolie, who are now about six months old, as the four members of the family travel to Japan and Brad and Angelina are seen toting […]

In Creepy News of the Day

I think Rumer Willis will always be one of those people I just don’t quite get. Whenever we see her, she’s talking about really weird things such as how she’s not a lesbian and other than being the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she’s not really famous for anything. Which I suppose is fine for […]

Lindsay’s in Trouble

As Lindsay and Sam start to spend less and less time together, people are starting to focus instead on Lindsay’s weight issues and wondering what it means for the young actress. It’s clear that something is going on with Lindsay – you can practically see her bones wanting to poke right through her skin in this picture. And it […]