Travolta’s Heartbreak Continues

There was no doubt that after the death of his son Jett while on a family vacation in the Bahamas, that John Travolta and his whole entire family would be grieving the loss for the rest of their lives. But some twisted souls sure don’t make it any easier as Travolta has now become the victim of an extortionist attempt in regards to his son’s death. The threat comes from a person or people in the Bahamas, that claim that they have a photo of Jett in the final few moments of his life or, moments after his death. The whole thing is just so wrong and makes me sick. From,

“While the full details of the blackmail are not yet known, the crooks are threatening to sell photos taken at Jett Travolta’s death to the highest bidde, according to the ‘Daily Mail’.
To avoid the nightmare of having the pictures published John Travolta has now flown to the Bahamas with his lawyers to seek out the blackmailers.
Police have so far questioned two men: A politician from Grand Bahama and a man connected to the local ambulance service that tried to resuscitate Jett.
A police source said: ‘”The investigation is at an early stage. Mr Travolta is co-operating fully.”
Top celeb blog also reported on the blackmail, but speculated that “the alleged extortion is over the circumstances surrounding Jett’s death”.
The only confirmed details are that the blackmailers want $20 million and that police received the complaint a week ago.”

I understand that people try to get money out of celebrities all the time but with something like this, you can only hope that those responsible are found and punished in the very worst way. It’s bad enough that this tragedy had to happen but it’s even worse when the family is not left alone and given their time to grieve. I was hoping, and very happy about the fact that the paparazzi had been leaving them alone but to actually try and make money off of anyone’s death is purelydespicable. Now John Travolta has to leave his family at a time when they need him the most to take care of these greedy bastards. And at a time when he needs them the most! Purely despicable.

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