Sex with Sienna has it’s Consequences

I don’t think anyone will ever think of Balthazar Getty or Sienna Miller ever again without feeling alittle bit dirty inside. Getty will now forever be known as the dirtbag husband and dad who chose the hot blonde over his family and Miller will forever be known as the home-wrecker, despite her attempts to prove herself as otherwise. But it seems as though the shame these two will forever carry around with them is not the only consequence that is coming out of all of this nastiness. It’s now being reported that it’s now costing Getty his job, not a big surprise considering that the cast and producers of his show, Brothers and Sisters, have always been rumored as frowning upon the illicit affair. The frowning upon has turned to Getty being written off the show entirely, as his character will be sent to prison. If only he could actually go to jail for his hideous crimes in real life. From Contact Music via Celebitchy,

“Actress Sienna Miller’s on-off boyfriend, Balthazar Getty, is heading to jail – as part of a storyline in hit TV drama Brothers & Sisters.
Insiders claimed the romance had caused a rift between Getty and his co-stars, but the actor recently insisted there were no problems on the set – claims backed up by his TV sister Rachel Griffiths.

Earlier this month (Jan09), Getty told TV Guide, “There were all these stories that the set was divided… but we’re family. You have ups and downs, but you stay together and love each other without judgment.”

And he faced up to reports his job was on the line, by stating, “I’d like to stay on the show and finish out my contract at the very least.”

But now co-star Matthew Rhys, who introduced the actor to Miller, admits Getty’s days on the drama are numbered.

He tells TV Guide, “A number of episodes have been offered to Balt next season. It’s going to be a choice for him whether he wants that or not.”

But his TV wife, Sarah Jane Morris, isn’t holding out much hope – and has reportedly started looking for new work. She tells the publication the whole situation has left her feeling “icky”.

Icky indeed. I’m glad to see that Getty will be losing his job. Not only did he fall in love with another woman, which is arguable whether or not that’s an actual crime, but he, nor Sienna, showed any shame as they pranced around naked and had such an oh-so-fabulous time on their many exotic vacations together. It was as though Getty was never even sorry that he tore his family apart. At least being written off the show holds him a tiny bit accountable for his heinous actions.

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