Lindsay Finally Pays Sam Off

Who knows really what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan and the girl that she likes to kiss, Samantha Ronson. Rumors that these two have broken up started the day they announced that they were officially together and after a recent blowout on New Year’s, there was talk that these two really were in fact, over once and for all. And to be honest, I kind of hoped those rumors were true because the constant speculation is just growing tiresome.

But an ‘inside source’ has now come out claiming that not only are Lindsay and Sam happy – but they’re so happy and in love that they’re buying property together and Lindsay is giving Sam a huge chunk of cash. Well, in the form of a joint bank account. What surprises me about this story, if it’s true, which I have my doubts on, is the fact that Samantha would be the one paying for everything. While it’s undoubtedly true that Lindsay likes to shop, I would think she could at least pay for her own sprees. But I guess that’s not the case and Lindsay has stoppedthinking about herself for just a second. From China Daily,

“A source said: “Lindsay was reportedly earning £122,000 per episode for her stint on ‘Ugly Betty’ last year and she’s put that into a joint account to show Samantha how much she loves her.”
Lindsay, 22, is believed to have made the gesture to reimburse 33-year-old Sam – who has been able to command huge fees for her DJ sets since her relationship with the star was revealed – for all the cash she has spent on the couple’s romantic getaways.
The source added to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “Sam’s very generous to Lindsay. She pays for everything when they go away together and Lindsay wants to show her gratitude by doing this.

“Sam is completely disinterested in shopping and things, whereas Lindsay loves to spend and always says she wants to be as rich as possible.

“Having a joint account with Sam is a huge step for her.”

Lindsay and Samantha – the sister of producer Mark Ronson – have alsobought a property in Dubai’s exclusive Palm Island development.

The pair fell in love with the Middle Eastern city after Samantha recently performed a DJ set there.”

I don’t know, how much money is worth putting up with all of Lohan’s crap? I used to really like her but the more I see and hear of her, the more I think that she’s just a girl that doesn’t know herself or have any concept of the other people around her, and what they may be thinking or feeling. I think that Lindsay and Sam are probably still at least on the outs, if not broken up altogether. They did attend ‘The New Birth of Citizenship,’ which was the first of many inauguration celebrations but I couldn’t find one pic of the two together at the party. If the past rumors of Lindsay’s complete denial to the breakup are true, it’s also possible that Lohan is creating the joint account in an effort to win Sam back for good. Either way, I think with this couple, we’ll never really know.

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#1 sympatico on 01.22.09 at 11:15 pm

you are peddling the bs lies that the british tabloids make up regularly about these two. I think this one started in the Daily Express, on par with the National Enquirer. And FYI, there were lot of pix from the Declare Yourself DC gig. They looked happy.

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