Apparently, it’s Okay to Hit your Wife

I really don’t understand what goes through the mind’s of women who allow themselves to get abused in any sort of way and still remain with the abuser. I’m not judging because it’s a situation I truly don’t understand but what I do judge is the justice system that allows that same abuser to get away with it. Well, just about anyway. This summer Hayden Panettiere’s dad was charged with hitting his wife and now he’s been officially sentenced with some light wrist-slapping and a brief probation period. All of this because he pleaded no contest to the charges, which really just means, “I’m not saying that I did do it, but I’m not saying that I didn’t, either.” Please. This is what People has to say about why Allen Lee Panettiere thinks it’s okay to hit your wife. And how the courts, apparently, agree with him. From People, 

“Hayden Panettiere’s father pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor battery for allegedly hitting his wife, and was sentenced to two years probation.

Alan Lee Panettiere, 49, also was ordered by the Beverly Hills Superior Court judge to complete 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and pay $400 in fines.

He was arrested in August at the family’s West Hollywood home for investigation of striking the actress’s mother, Lesley Vogel, in the face during an argument following a benefit event hosted by Hayden.

Shortly after he was released on bail, Alan Panettiere told Extra the incident was a “misunderstanding” and that “nothing actually happened.” And Hayden, 19, said, “It was blown way out of proportion by a sheriff who wanted his 15 minutes of fame.”

I’m sorry, it was a misunderstanding? What sort of misunderstanding ends up with your wife getting punched in the face? By you? I don’t get it. I guess you just have to hope that someone bears eyewitness to the incident so that somehow, you can blame it all on them. Nope, I don’t understand it. Because it was last reported that Alan Lee and his wifey-dearest are still together, and very happy, I’m wondering if the punishment was so light because they are still together. Which I still think is wrong because even if she’s not going to punish him for hitting her, someone should. But that reason would somehow make sense to me. Either way, he’s scum.

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