Paris Completes her Trilogy

Paris Hilton sure is stupid. Of course everyone remembers when her first sex tape came out and then a second one came out and we all thought, or at least hoped, that we had seen as much as Paris as we could. Well, it turns out we will most likely see just a little bit more as she is scheduling to release the final component of her sex tape trilogy. Okay, she’s not officially releasing it and I’m sure she’ll act mortified and horrified when asked about it but come on – this is totally Paris getting attention from the only thing that she thinks is worth anything – her body.

We’re finding out about this tape from a book that Mark Ebner is writing that makes it sound as though the tape was made some time ago but really, was it made before anybody knew who Paris was or more importantly, does it matter? From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Well now Mark Ebner is claiming in a book that will be published next month that there is another X-rated video of skanky Paris. Now this time it shows her “in a state of arousal in a New York taxi.” Just the mention of this makes me want to barf! Rumor is that the 14 hours of video came from two “Russian kids” who had stolen it from her home.”

Maybe if she asks really nicely and tells those Russians that they won’t get in trouble, they’ll come and drop it off at her driveway the same way she’s hoping that blasted jewel thief will do. Paris Hilton sure is stupid.

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#1 Justin on 05.12.09 at 9:11 am

Its a sad world that there’s millions of hot chicks and she is the only one who can do what she’s doing to get famous. But hey. She can’t be that stupid because its a good strategy.

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