Paris Completes her Trilogy

Paris Hilton sure is stupid. Of course everyone remembers when her first sex tape came out and then a second one came out and we all thought, or at least hoped, that we had seen as much as Paris as we could. Well, it turns out we will most likely see just a little bit more as […]

Jennifer Garner Back Out with Violet

With her new two-week-old daughter at home, Jennifer Garner is not shirking from her duties with her older daughter, Violet, as they trot out to take Violet to preschool. I would say that I can’t even believe how fabulous Jen is looking but it’s Jennifer Garner so I’m not actually surprised that she looks awesome. Pics of her […]

Posh and Becks – Hot or Not?

David and Victoria Beckham are no strangers to photographs of themselves, taking their clothes off, or Emporio Armani and now the two have come together to sell some underwear for the designer once again with this ad. While I am left somewhat unimpressed by the billboard, that will be displayed in one of the fashion capitals […]

Wino’s Lost it Again!

Amy Winehouse says that she’s off the drugs but I think with her latest antics, we better actually hope that’s a lie because for a sober person, her latest anticsmay mean that she actually has something seriously wrong with her mental health. She has been in St. Lucia since at least December (although it seems […]