Are John and Jen Getting Married?

There have been many rumors flying ever since John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston got back together in October after ending their incredibly hot summer romance. It started with the obligatory pregnancy rumors and is now continuing with stories about a birthday marriage proposal. People make a big deal out of the fact that Jen is turning 40 soon – probably because she still looks so incredibly hot! – but perhaps no one might be making as big a deal out of it as her boyfriend, John Mayer. Celebedge is reporting that John is getting ready to get down on bended knee and that he’s choosing this special day of Jen’s to do it. From Celebedge,

“John Mayer will propose to Jennifer Aniston on her birthday.

The ‘Gravity’ singer is planning to ask the ‘Friends’ actress to marry him when she turns 40 on February 11, and has even invested in a custom made engagement ring for her.

A source told America’sStar magazine: “Money’s no object for John. He didn’t want to buy something that anyone else had, so he sketched it and is having it custom-made.”

John – who has had an on-off relationship with the brunette beauty since last April – is determined to make the proposal as special as possible and has previously said he would find a “creative” way to pop the question.

He said: “I think I’d be pretty good at proposing. I’d figure that out. I’d get creative.”

So I have a couple of thoughts on this story. My first is that it’s most likely untrue. If John Mayer was going to propose, I don’t think that Jen would like it very much if he went talking to the newspapers about this grand proposal before she even saw it herself. His being a little too chatty with the press was one reason for their split in the first place and it’s been pretty clear that ever since their reunion, Jen has worn the pants in the relationship and has called the majority of the shots. So deliberately going against her wishes is not exactly the romantic precursor to the proposal that one would hope for. My other thought is that it’s John Mayer we’re talking about and he’s a complete idiot so he very well could have gone and talked it up before actually popping the question. Lastly, I can only hope it’s not true. Jen can do so, so, so much better than this classless buffoon.

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