And the Golden Globe Goes To…

Matilda! It was just a week ago tonight that Heath Ledger won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his brilliantly creepy portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. It was second official award that Heath has won posthumously for the role, the first being one awarded by the Australian Film Institute. While that one was accepted by Heath’s family, the Globe was accepted by the director and co-screenwriter, Christopher Nolan. But it won’t be staying in his hands for too long. This very special Golden Globe will be going to Matilda, the daughter that Heath shared with Michelle Williams. And who else should have it? Celebrity Baby Scoop had this from an exclusive interview,

“Heath’s mother, Sally, says that the award will end where it belongs: with his 3-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose.

“I should imagine that eventually it will be going to Matilda,” Sally Bell says from her home in Perth, Australia, in an exclusive interview. “At this stage she is only so young, but down the track she will have all these things. It will belong to her because she is part of him.”

Sally also said she and the rest of the family are “bursting with pride” over her son’s recognition for playing the Joker, a role he “loved.”

“It is such a fantastic and wonderful legacy for his daughter. Matilda will have so many people who will be able to speak to her about her father’s abilities and [the] respect he had in the industry. That is such a wonderful legacy to leave,” she says.”

Of course nobody should have this very special award except for his beautiful daughter, who else deserves to have it but her? It is a part of his legacy and something that only she should have. And maybe what makes this award even more special, is that it comes so closely to the anniversary of Heath’s death, January 22. In honor of the upcoming date, Entertainment Weekly featured Heath on the cover with some very nice reminiscent stories from some of his friends and costars. It was one in particular that struck a chord with me and pinpointed what I think we all loved about this wonderful actor, gone far too soon. From,

“Terry Gilliam, who worked with Ledger on two occasions, including the last film the actor worked on, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” remembered a different side of Ledger.

“He was obsessed with his daughter [Matilda],” he said. “She became the center of his thoughts. He would drag her up to my house in London. Here’s Heath, Academy Award nominee, and he’d just grab his daughter, stick her in a backpack, hop on the [subway] and come up to the house. Nobody would have thought, ‘There’s Heath Ledger!’ He was just a guy with a kid.”

And I think that’s exactly it. Whatever he was doing, Heath Ledger always seemed to be that guy that you could relate to. That guy that wasn’t interested in any of the Hollywood bull and that guy who just looked too perfect walking alongside Michelle  and Matilda. He truly was his own person and one that will be sadly missed.

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