Miley Proves Once Again how Stupid she Is

Miley Cyrus should never, ever, ever be allowed around a camera. It’s clear that this girl is too immature and too stupid to even handle the responsibility of a flash bulb. Okay well they’re not bulbs anymore but you get my drift. New photos have been leaked that show Miley Cyrus in bed with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Gaston and while it may sound more scandalous than it actually is, it’s still not good. Yes, they are both clothed and not in any *ahem* compromising positions but the only time a 16-year-old should be in bed with someone 4 years older than her is….well, never, actually. But here she is. And again I must ask, where are this girl’s parents? Are they standing at her bedroom door clapping and being so thankful that God has sent this wonderful man to help with Miley’s reputation (as they were reported to be so thankful for the union for that exact reason.) 

There are a few things that I notice about this picture (except for the fact that they just make me laugh at what an idiot she is!) The first is that not only are Miley’s boobs practically falling out of that barely-there tank that she’s wearing but her bra strap is also showing…very uncool for a 16-year-old who is in bed with her boyfriend. Oh wait, never mind. I forgot for a secondthat the whole damn thing is uncool. The other thing I can’t help but notice is the fact that while Miley looks completely smitten and in love, Justin just looks bored….as I’m sure he is. He’s probably just wondering when this relationship is going to pay off with a huge contract of some sort before dumping her under-age butt.

Thanks to BumpShack for the pic who also claim that Miley posted the pics on her Facebook account. STUPID!

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#1 Kelly on 07.09.09 at 7:50 am

This picture is not that bad. I’ll admit, I don’t like Miley but I do believe that people are taking way too big a deal out of these pictures. She’s a teenager taking a picture with her boyfriend. I could understand the big deal if she was wearing just a bra, but she’s in clothes and so is he and they are doing nothing inappropriate what-so-ever. People need to calm down. Her bra strap is showing? She’s in a tank top… obviously you’re going to be able to see her bra strap. And what’s wrong with wearing tank tops? I think the picture is cute.

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