J.Lo Makes Sure People will Keep Talking

Ya know, I can’t stand it when stars know that they are going to do something – especially something major such as getting a divorce – and instead of just going ahead and doing it, they drag it out for the most media coverage that they can possibly get out of it. And that’s exactly what Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seem to be doing. They first sparked rumors that they were headed for Splitsville when they both went out on the town, separately with friends, and neither wore their wedding rings. As soon as people started to talk though, they made sure that they were seen out on the town like a loving husband and wife. They even went so far as to buy a house in Puerto Rico to make sure that people thought their union was solid – or so they told the media anyway. I wouldn’t doubt that there is no house in Puerto Rico. But my question is, why do all of this and then present at the freakin GOLDEN GLOBES for crying out loud! – without wearing your wedding ring? But again, that’s exactly what she did. From EnTerra,

“Jennifer Lopez kept sending mixed signals about her marriage last night, arriving at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards arm in arm with her husband, Marc Anthony, but again leaving her wedding ring at home.
Of course, Jennifer has gone out sans wedding ring before, but this time, it wasn’t just a sign that her marriage was in trouble. It was also a major blow to Marc’s manliness. He was right there, for Pete’s sake! That had to hurt. And for those who think we’re overreacting about the absent wedding ring, consider what an insider remarked to MSNBC’s “The Scoop”: “if she wanted the rumors to go away, she would have tossed the ring on her hand.”

I don’t understand this. What is the point in putting on a big charade and then doing the EXACT same thing that started the rumors in the first place? Then again, it is J.Lo so I guess we shouldn’t be expecting much. But man, it makes me so mad!

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