Benji’s got it Bad!

Benji Madden has got it bad for his ex, Paris Hilton. He has apparently lost eyes for all other women, no matter how many gorgeous brods Nicole Richie and Joel, his brother, bring his way. Not only that but Benji is making grand gestures of love to Paris – all in efforts to get her back. The type of gestures I’m talking about here are your usual stalker tactics – flowers, calling incessantly. And now, Paris has had enough! From Pop Crunch,

“Benji is so convinced that Paris is the right woman for him, he has bombarded her with a mirage of text messages and non-stop phone calls in hopes of getting back into the the partying hotel heiress’ good graces, celebrity moles reveal in this week’s edition of The National Enquirer.

He’s even tried sending her flowers.

Aww! Really sweet, right? Umm…not so much, at least not in Paris’ book. The star of MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF isn’t interested in rekindling her love affair with the edgiest of the Madden twins and has threatened to change her phone number if Benji doesn’t take the hint and hit the bricks.

“Benji thought Paris would come running back to him, but he was wrong,” an Enquirer source chuckles. “Now that Benji realizes Paris has gone with her life, he’s consumed by heartache.”
P.H. isn’t the only person itching for Benji to go on with his life.

“Nicole has all kinds of female friends-from models to actresses-who would love to date Benji. But every time Nicole told Benji that she and Joelwould double with him and his fix-up, he flaked out at the last minute and spent the evening whimpering about Paris,” the insider says.

His persistent whining about lost love forced Nicole and Joel to sit Benji down recently for a chat that they hope will prompt the musician to move past Paris.

“Joel and Nicole finally had to sit Benji down and show him some tough love by telling him they don’t want to hear it anymore.”

Well now, aren’t we just all so supportive? That’s not tough love, that’s just mean! I know it’s Paris and God only knows why Benji is so smitten by her but really, these two were very much in love and he is clearly heartbroken. It’s surprising because I really thought that she would be the one swooning after him but apparently not so much the case. He should be given more than two months healing time and whore after whore thrown his way before he’s told to stuff a sock in it. For real though, if Paris isn’t digging it, he’s got to back off. That’s just annoying.

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#1 gella on 01.14.09 at 9:46 pm

Benji has a romantic heart. Hopefully they will get back together.

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