Amy Winehouse Sure has a lot Going on

Amy Winehouse  sure has been a busy beaver lately. First she dumped her hubby and checked into rehab where she spent a lot of time getting healthier and gaining some weight to her bare-bones frame. She is currently on vacation in St. Lucia and has met up with some younghottie who Gossip Girls calls a ‘mystery man’ but E! Online states is Joshua Bowman, who wants to be an actor when he grows up. From Gossip Girls,

“While she had previously been seen canoodling on the Caribbean island with longtime guy pal Blake Wood, it looks as if Amy has opted for her new friend – as this is the second straight day during which the “Rehab” singer has been lovey-dovey with her dark-haired companion.
Meanwhile, Amy’s beach vacation will soon be coming to an end – as she’s due to make a court appearance to appeal drug charges in Norway a week from today (January 12).

Of this, a Norwegian prosecutor told French press, “I was informed by British police on Dec. 23 that she has been legally summoned, and we expect that she will be there when the trial opens on Jan. 12.”

Since that was reported by Gossip Girls, it has come out that Winehouse has actually decided to extend her tropic time and forego the hearing by paying the fines. Not actually a bad idea in my opinion. She probably wouldn’t have won any kind of appeal that she was going for anyway when it comes to drug charges. In addition to all of that, Amy has also been listed as a terrorist target on a list created by a group of extremists that call themselves Ummah and that have put Amy Winehouse on their terror targets along with other Jewish celebrities such as Mark Ronson. From NME,

“Reports have emerged today (January 7) claiming that Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson have been included on a “terror target” hit list made in reaction to the current conflict in the Gaza region.

The Sun said comments were made on the forum of

A post on the forum apparently called for users to compile “a list of top Jews we can target”, which included both Winehouse and Ronson’s names.

British anti-terror expertGlen Jenvey told The Sun that the comments should be taken seriously.

“The Ummah website has been used by extremists,” he said. “Those listed should treat it very seriously. Expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs.”

That is just craziness. I suppose that celebrities are more vulnerable to these types of threats, seeing as how so many people know about them and their lives. I don’t understand why groups such as this would post it so publicly for anyone to see. If she’s a target, would you not want to make sure that she’s not taking appropriate measures, such as boosting up her security? It just doesn’t seem like a good strategy to me. Luckily, that kind of stupidity benefits the more sane people of the world and Amy and Mark and whoever else is on that list can prepare themselves so that the very worst doesn’t happen.

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