John Travolta Speaks about his Son, Jett

The Travolta family has been devastated this week as the New Year brought to them the tragic death of John Travolta’s and Kelly Preston’s son, Jett. An autopsy that was performed on Monday confirmed that Jett died from a seizure disorder and there were very few details being released until both John and Kelly took to their official websites to […]

Amy Winehouse Sure has a lot Going on

Amy Winehouse  sure has been a busy beaver lately. First she dumped her hubby and checked into rehab where she spent a lot of time getting healthier and gaining some weight to her bare-bones frame. She is currently on vacation in St. Lucia and has met up with some younghottie who Gossip Girls calls a […]

Tim Allen to be a Dad Again

There’s something that I find very creepy about Tim Allen. I can’t put my finger on it, except maybe that he just looks like a creepy, old man but every time I see him, I just don’t really feel right about it.Well this creepy man is about to become a dad with his wife of […]