Carrie Underwood Scores with Mike Fisher

It’s just now being reported that Carrie Underwood is dating Mike Fisher, who is the second line center for the Ottawa Senators but apparently, this relationship has been going on for months and the two are extremely happy together. Aw, this relationship makes me so happy I could cry! One of my favorite singers and a player from my favorite hockey team finding true love…it’s almost too good to be true. But apparently, these two are super serious and even chose to ring in the New Year together. From NY Daily News,

“Country-croonerCarrie Underwood, 25, has a new man in her life. Enter: hockey player Mike Fisher.
The 28-year-old Canadian-born hunk, who plays for the Ottawa Senators, was spotted earlier this year hangin’ around some of the “American Idol” winner’s concerts. But over the holidays, Underwood was caught by the Jumbo Tron at one of his games relaxing with his family in the VIP box.
And New Year’s Eve? Underwood reportedly spent it with Fisher.
“I think it’s serious, I mean he’s really happy with her. They’re a perfect match,” Tony Greco, a fitness trainer and close friend, said.”

I tend to get nervous when anyone talks about how someone, or something such as a relationship is perfect but I have to say, I don’t think I could handpick a couple that would make me happier. Carrie certainly has something for athletes. She had a very serious relationship with football star Tony Romo and she was also linked to Michael Phelps when he was making all those headlines during the Olympics. I do hope that Carrie and Mike find happiness together for a very long time. They look so cute and their kids would be so cute. I wonder what their kids’ names would be…….?

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#1 Ruby on 01.27.09 at 4:18 am

Carrie Underwood-Fisher does have a ring to it! Carrie never dated or talked to Michael Phelps that was all a rumor. She said she has never even met him.
She has spent lots of time in January with Mike though and I agree with you that this is a great match.

#2 mariah on 02.18.09 at 7:43 am

carrie and mike are very goodlooking people and they look cute together i hope she just comes out and says were dating so people can leave her alone, but i think carrie wants to wait and doesnt want the media to ruin her relationship or be all up in their business, she’ll come out when she knows this is the right guy she doesnt want to be an idiot and gush all about him and then it doesnt work out.(jessica are you paying attention)…i hoope that they find their happiness in each other both seem like really nice people from small towns and down to earth…she should bring him to the acm awards in april they would look super hot!

#3 bella on 03.20.09 at 2:11 pm

i love carrie i think she has a sweet personality and she seems so normal, she is also drop dead gorgeous how does a little person like herself have that sweet big beautifull voice “wow”… i hope she found her prince charming….she deserves to be treated like the lady she is. not bad carrie mike is some serious good looking guy….mike fisher is a very lucky man.

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