Katy Perry and Travis McCoy: Broken Up!

Just weeks after rumors that they were set to walk down the aisle, it’s been confirmed that Katy Perry and Travis McCoy are definitely over. It seems that because Katy has been so busy taking the world by storm hit after hit and Travis trying to do much of the same with his group, Gym Class Heroes, there was […]

Jett Won’t Fly Again

It’s so sad that John Travolta and Kelly Preston are meeting 2009 with tragedy as they mourn the passing of their son, Jett Travolta, who died on Friday after seemingly having a seizure while the family was on vacation in the Bahamas. The family has not yet released an official statement and although there are some different […]

Shocking New Couple Alert!!

So what would you think about it if Paris Hilton hooked up with George Clooney? It’s an odd combination but one that I might not be all that uncomfortable with. Paris turns into whoever she’s dating – she was the proper princess when she was engaged to that clone of hers, she became a rocker chic when she […]