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Denise Richards Officially Can’t Use her Kids Anymore

I don’t know why it’s taken this long for someone to put an end to Denise Richards constantly using her kids for her own personal gain. Either she’s using them as a weapon to attack her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, or she’s using them to get ratings for that awful reality TV show she has, Denise Richards: It’s […]

Justin Long Shows his Funny and Classy Side

Make sure you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday because Justin Long’s going to be on and this is one super funny young man! He along with the rest of his cast mates, are doing crazy promotion right now for the new movie He’s Just not That Into You, in which he costars with some […]

Madonna Gets Her Kids

Well the final details of the ugly divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie obviously aren’t all hammered out yet as a new decision has just been made to let Madonna take her kids back to New York with her, even though Guy was adamant to keep the kids in Britain. Well, just another hissy fit by Guy and just another […]

Are Jen and John Over…Again?

Okay, let me begin this post by saying that I have only seen this story posted once and the source is the anonymous ‘insider’ and so, I am not immediately giving this story any credit. But In Style has reported that John Mayer has been seen stepping out on his on-again/off-again girl, Jennifer Aniston. There is something […]

Elisabeth Hasselback Pregnant Again!

I really hope that this 3rd pregnancy of The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback really is as fantabulous as she’s making it sound. I know babies are cute and fun and all but her second child, Taylor, just turned one and her oldest, Grace,is only 3. Speaking from personal experience, having a newborn and a toddler (never mind plus another […]

What’s up with Jennifer Aniston?

I am a huge Jennifer Aniston fan but lately, I have been wondering what is going on with her. I know, she’s dating John Mayer and they’re just happier than two pigs in pudding but whenever I’ve seen or read any quotes from her, I’m always left a little puzzled. When she appeared on David Letterman just before […]

Ashlee Says, ‘She’s Not Heavy; She’s my Sister’

The pictures of Jessica Simpson’s performance at the Radio 99.9 Kiss Country’s annual Chili Cookoff in Florida over the weekend have been on just about every blog post, newspaper headline, or entertainment and celebrity gossip show ever since they first hit the wires and all kinds of theories have been formed about just how Jessica gained […]

Is Britney Jealous or Protective?

Britney Spears has been getting ready pumping up and perfecting dance moves for her new Circus tour, which is set to start in March. New pics have gone up on the official site and although there is huge buzz about how hot Brit looks, I must say, I like the last pics that they had up of her […]

I’ll Keep my Mouth Shut for Knox and Vivienne

Yep here’s a post about Brad and Angelina where I’m actually going to gush a little bit. Even I don’t want to think any bitter thoughts as I look at Knox and Vivienne Pitt-Jolie, who are now about six months old, as the four members of the family travel to Japan and Brad and Angelina are seen toting […]

In Creepy News of the Day

I think Rumer Willis will always be one of those people I just don’t quite get. Whenever we see her, she’s talking about really weird things such as how she’s not a lesbian and other than being the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she’s not really famous for anything. Which I suppose is fine for […]

Lindsay’s in Trouble

As Lindsay and Sam start to spend less and less time together, people are starting to focus instead on Lindsay’s weight issues and wondering what it means for the young actress. It’s clear that something is going on with Lindsay – you can practically see her bones wanting to poke right through her skin in this picture. And it […]

Mariah and Nick are Happy!

I think when Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon this past spring, most of us would have been very surprised if it lasted longer than 6 months. But apparently, the two are very happy together and were just seen out this past weekend looking for a new abode for themselves. I guess those pregnancy rumors will be […]

How cute would little Jewel-Babies be?

I absolutely love Jewel and this latest report from OK! Magazine is one reason why. She is just one of those people that, if there is something going on that she feels comfortable talking about, she’ll just talk about it. She doesn’t play coy with the media and keep us guessing ‘Is she?’ or ‘Isn’t she?’ […]

Brad and Angie at the SAG Awards

One super nauseating thing about award season is that we are forced to repeatedly look at the same stars and while this is part of what makes the beginning of the year so great, as we look at all the stars we love, it also forces us to look at some of the more irritating […]

This has that Nasty Cruise/Shields Stench

Remember when Tom Cruise knocked Brooke Shields down publicly for taking antidepressants after she was diagnosed with postpartum depression? And then the entire world went ape-crap over it and he is still to this day apologizing for it? Of course, this is a memory that is fresh in many people’s minds but it seems as though Bijou […]

Travolta’s Heartbreak Continues

There was no doubt that after the death of his son Jett while on a family vacation in the Bahamas, that John Travolta and his whole entire family would be grieving the loss for the rest of their lives. But some twisted souls sure don’t make it any easier as Travolta has now become the victim of […]

No One Really Knows Why Love & McCall Broke Up

US came out today with the real reasons why Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall called off their engagement late last year but I think from what’s reported, it’s clear that still no one knows what’s going on. His camp is making claims that she was insecure and needy while her camp claims that he couldn’t handle his […]

Sex with Sienna has it’s Consequences

I don’t think anyone will ever think of Balthazar Getty or Sienna Miller ever again without feeling alittle bit dirty inside. Getty will now forever be known as the dirtbag husband and dad who chose the hot blonde over his family and Miller will forever be known as the home-wrecker, despite her attempts to prove herself as otherwise. But […]

Lindsay Finally Pays Sam Off

Who knows really what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan and the girl that she likes to kiss, Samantha Ronson. Rumors that these two have broken up started the day they announced that they were officially together and after a recent blowout on New Year’s, there was talk that these two really were in fact, over once and […]

Apparently, it’s Okay to Hit your Wife

I really don’t understand what goes through the mind’s of women who allow themselves to get abused in any sort of way and still remain with the abuser. I’m not judging because it’s a situation I truly don’t understand but what I do judge is the justice system that allows that same abuser to get […]